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Set To Become Trendsetters

The first batch of students admitted to the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, hopes to set an example for generations to follow





Geared up: First batch students of IIT-Hyderabad on their Medak campus. –


The badge of IIT matters, whether it’s a fledgling institution or the one whose fame has been spread far and wide by its alumni. The first batch of students taking admission at the IIT, Hyderabad, vouches for it.

“It’s the culture of IIT that is important than the bricks that make a building,” admits Chitransh from Bhopal, admitted to the Computer Science Engineering course.

Similar views are shared by other new entrants Deepthi, Kritika and Shyama Poornima. None of them consider this institute to be inferior to other IITs since the faculty they would be dealing with are from IIT, Madras, with loads of experience and many batches of IIT-ians to their credit.

No compromise


“IITs don’t compromise on quality and despite being a new institute, we are sure of getting quality education,” affirms Ankit, who hails from Lucknow.

“There will be no compromise on quality. The institute has the best of equipment and in fact much better than the existing IITs,” M.S. Ananth, Director of IIT, Madras, and the mentor Director of IIT, Hyderabad, assured students at the orientation programme. But he also sought help from them in maintaining the “IIT culture” that included staying away from public attention. The value system created and respected by all IITs will be a part of the training here too. Being in a new institute has its own advantages and students are pretty excited. Unlike their peers in other IITs, seniors won’t rag them and that is good news for parents. Moreover, students would get individual attention since they are small in number.

Namratha V. described their role succinctly: “We don’t have a path to follow but we will create a path for the generations to follow.”

She agrees that though they will miss out on seniors’ guidance, the individual attention they would get from the faculty would plug that gap.

Strategically located


For many students, it was not the last choice but a preferred one given Hyderabad’s image on the software map and the existence of all the software biggies here. Chitransh, who opted for CSE course, thinks he will gain from the software expertise of the city.

He could have got other courses in the already established IITs for his rank. His father, Pradeep Chalotre, admits that choosing the new IIT was a conscious decision. “Hyderabad is known for the software industry. What better place can we get to study computer sciences,” he asked.

The Hyderabad campus has admitted 102 boys and nine girls in the first batch in three branches – Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Engineering.

Academic facilities consist of Physics, Chemistry and Computer laboratories and workshops with state-of-the-art equipment. Students would get to study six theory courses and three laboratory courses in the first year.

But life at IIT will not be just academics as the rigorous academic schedule would be interspersed with sports, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. Coaches for sports have already been appointed.

Best of facilities


Technology wise, perhaps they are given the best. The BSNL has laid an 8 MB leased line on optical fibre cable using ring technology connecting the hostels and classrooms so that students can access Internet anytime and anywhere. “In fact, in the boy’s hostel, students can enjoy surfing on their laptops sitting anywhere,” says Y. Kiran Kumar, General Manager, Medak Telecom district. The optical fibre cable allows seamless streaming and students can enjoy lectures on video conference from anywhere in the world unhindered.

With such facilities, students are obviously thrilled. But they are more excited of being a part of history making. After all, they are the first batch of students and no other batch can take that credit away from them.

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