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Behavior & Discipline

My Son Does Not Listen in Class
How to talk to your child about events with no easy explanation.

What Can I Do About a Child Who Disrupts Class?
From cell phones to laptops, technology tools are becoming standard equipment for many students, raising questions about how they're being used.

How Can I Help My Impatient Child?
How you can help at home: Make placemats to help your child build reading and writing skills.

My Active Son Struggles With Structure
Security and cost are two issues to consider when making the decision.

Life After High School

How Temperament Affects Parents, Children, and Family Life
Don't assume family friction is a result of your child having?? LD or AD/HD.?? It could be due to his temperament -- and yours!??

Parents' Top Tips for Helping a Discouraged Child
Parents of kids with learning disabilities and/or AD/HD share their strategies for helping a child make a fresh start.

College Student With Learning Disabilities Designs His Own Future
Success has come one challenging step at a time for this persistent young man with learning disabilities.

Tablespoons & Teaspoons: Teaching Teens With LD the Art of Meal Preparation
Get expert, step-by-step advice on teaching your child with a learning disability or AD/HD to plan and prepare meals.

Social Skills

My Son Is Not Adjusting Well to Fourth Grade
Su hijo podra recibir tutora gratuita, por lo que usted debera conocer sus derechos y hacer preguntas para recibir todos los beneficios que la ley le otorga.

How Can I Teach My Child to Say "No"?
How you can help at home: This easy-to-make noisemaker reinforces the science skills of observation.

Talking to your elementary school child: The top-three mistakes parents make
Avoid these conversational pitfalls to improve communication with your child.

Am I Overprotective of My 9-Year-Old?
How you can help at home: Here's an activity that will get your child ready to learn science by engaging her curiosity and building her observation skills.

Emotional Well-Being

Finding balance in your child's life
Do you shuttle your child from one activity to the next? Find ways to simplify your child's overscheduled life.

Bright Ideas for Divorced Parents
When we asked our readers how divorced parents can help their kids succeed in school, they responded with many thoughtful comments.

Help! My Child Lies
Try these ideas from GreatSchools parents to get your child excited about reading.

Mackenzie Thorpe's Art "From the Heart"
When it mattered most, a caring teacher gave this now-famous artist with dyslexia the support he needed to pursue his passion.

Health & Nutrition

Countdown to back to school: Get healthy
Eating right and sleeping well will help your child succeed in school.

Making fitness a family affair
Keeping it simple and fun is the key to making fitness part of the family routine.

A weighty problem
Think you know why Generation XXL has swelled its ranks? Check out these five surprising and suspected supersizers.

Healthy Breakfasts for Healthy Minds
Eating a healthy breakfast can help your child maintain focus on learning throughout the day.


My Seventh-Grader Is Worried About Bullying
Autism rates have skyrocketed. Here's how to identify the symptoms and what services to seek for an autistic child.

Bullying smack-down
Can a star-powered website make teen civility hip?

Bright Ideas From Our Readers: Dealing With Bullies
Peer counseling and a no put-downs week are some reader-tested solutions for dealing with bullies.

My 9-Year-Old Is a Bully
From cell phones to laptops, technology tools are becoming standard equipment for many students, raising questions about how they're being used.

Why use my school vision?

  • Attendance

    View a child's attendance by various views from weekly, monthly through a summary feature of view detailed information on specific events.

  • Homework tracker

    Allow parents to keep up-to-date with the current and past homework assigned to their child along with past marks and class averages.

  • Progress reports

    Customise the extent to which you wish to keep parents updated with the amount of detail shown in the real-time reports.

  • Projects and
    lessons plans

    Set, receive and mark projects, courses, cover and lessons. Create multipart lessons that can be used for a single lessons or modular courses.

  • News stories

    Allow members of staff to update the school news to help keep parents and visitors of your website up-to-date on the latest goings on.

  • Events

    Display the up and coming events for your school, take bookings, payments and manage attendees.

  • Learning zone

    Introduce pupils of all ages to online learning with regular additions to learning games covering subjects from numeracy, literacy and further afield.

  • About your school

    Manage public details about your school through pre-defined templates such as year groups, classes and members of staff.

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  • Joy of reading maths
  • Joy of reading physics
  • Joy of reading chemistry
  • Joy of reading biology
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