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Aieee Mathematics Preparation Tips

Mathematics is known to be one of the most scoring subjects in all domains of study, and AIEEE is no different. If you have your fundamentals clear and have practiced quick-solving techniques, there should be no stopping you from acing AIEEE Mathematics. Given below are some tips that will take you that extra mile to success

Topic-wise tips

› Trigonometry: In trigonometry, students usually find it difficult to memorize the vast number of formulae. Understand how to derive formulae and then apply them to solving problems. The more you practice, the more ingrained in your brain these formulae will be, enabling you to recall them in any situation. Direct questions from trigonometry are usually less in number, but the use of trigonometric concepts in coordinate geometry and calculus is very profuse.

› Coordinate Geometry: This section is usually considered easier than trigonometry. There are many common concepts and formulae (such as equations of tangent and normal to a curve) in conic sections (circle, parabola, ellipse, hyperbola). Pay attention to Locus and related topics, as the understanding of these makes coordinate geometry easy.

› Calculus: Calculus includes concept-based problems which require analytical skills. Functions are the backbone of this section. Be thorough with properties of all types of functions, such as trigonometric, algebraic, inverse trigonometric, logarithmic, exponential, and signum. Approximating sketches and graphical interpretations will help you solve problems faster. Practical application of derivatives is a very vast area, but if you understand the basic concepts involved, it is very easy to score.

› Algebra: Don’t use formulae to solve problems in topics which are logic-oriented, such as permutations and combinations, probability, location of roots of aquadratic, geometrical applications of complex numbers, vectors, and 3D-geometry

Final Preparation Tips

› Focus on solving as many problems as you can, rather than just reading theories, formulae, and solutions

› More from rigid reliance on rules without understanding (rule-oriented study) to an understanding of mathematical concepts and flexibility in problem solving (concept oriented study)

› Master the fundamentals, as most questions are designed to evaluate the candidates’ clarity of fundamental concepts and the ability to apply these concepts to problem solving

› Don’t be in a rush to solve problems. In AIEEE, both speed and strike-rate matter. You need to be quick as well as accurate to achieve high scores. High speed with low accuracy can actually ruin your results.

My advice to all aspirants

Master the fundamentals, practice a lot, and manage your time well

Best of Luck!

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  • Joy of reading maths
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