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Homework Help

How Do I Manage My Child's Homework?
Su hijo podra recibir tutora gratuita, por lo que usted debera conocer sus derechos y hacer preguntas para recibir todos los beneficios que la ley le otorga.

Stop the math madness for your tween
Even if you don't crunch numbers with your breakfast cereal, you can teach your middle-schooler how math fits into everyday life skills and ways to get homework done.

Five tips for painless writing
Searching for ways to turn the page on your child's writing? Look no further.

Top 10 high-tech math tutors
In the old days -- you know, a couple of years ago -- video games were the beeping, pinging distractions that got in the way of homework. Now iPhones, Nintendo, and the Web are homework. Recently the realm of edu-technology has exploded with a wide variety of mind-building games that do everything from teach basic money math to keep arithmetic skills sharp over winter and summer break. The proliferation of options has left parents with homework of their own: sorting out the worthwhile from the mediocre (not to mention the downright idiotic). Here are some of the more promising math offerings.

Summer Activities

Six Ways to Make Summer Camp Affordable
Sending your child to camp need not bust your budget! As this article explains, there is a camp program to fit nearly every budget.

Bright Ideas From Our Readers: Inexpensive Summer Outings
From factory tours to collecting bugs, our readers share their ideas for free and low-cost summer outings.

From Our Readers: Fun, Low-Cost Summer Activities
Our readers come up with creative ideas for fun, low-cost summer activities.

Get Ready for Summer: Five Things to Do Now
Here's how to help ease your child from the predictable routines of school to the adventures of summer.

Academic Skills

How Can I Help My Second-Grader Work Independently?
How you can help at home: Try this game to help your child with basic addition and subtraction facts.

How Can I Get My Child to Finish Her Work?
How you can help at home: Make placemats to help your child build reading and writing skills.

Scrap it or scrapbook? Dealing with your child's papers
What to do with all those papers? Here are some hints to help you decide what's worth saving.

Your Second-Grader and Language Arts
Second-graders learn strategies to decode unfamiliar words and figure out their meanings.

Book Reviews

All about friends
New schools and new environments can present challenges for making friends, but we value our friends for a reason, and kindergartners will appreciate this list of books, all packed with wisdom on the timeless theme of friendship.

Young adult lit grows up fast
Young adult fiction is going through a growth spurt. Find out how it is changing.

Science and nature books for middle-schoolers
Tired of the dry, academic tomes that purport to teach science? GreatSchools rounds out our grade-by-grade recommendations for science and nature books with this excellent, irrevent collection by artist Simon Basher, plus topical picks on the environment and global warming.

Parent picks: What third-, fourth-, and fifth-graders are reading this summer
GreatSchools members share their favorite children's books, from classics to trendy tales.

Local Facts & Resources

Testing in Nebraska: An Overview
A GreatSchools guide to standardized tests

Frequently asked questions about the California High School Exit Exam
Get your questions answered about the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) and how it affects your student.

Testing in Oklahoma: An Overview
A GreatSchools guide to standardized tests

A Guide to the STAR Tests in California
Get answers to all your questions about STAR in our guide to understanding the test and its results.

Learning Activities

Learning Tips for Home
Check out these educational tips to try at home with your child.

Create a Scroll
How you can help at home: Learn about an important aspect of Egyptian culture and art by creating your own scroll.

Make a Movie
How you can help at home: In this activity your child has a chance to be a writer, director and actor.

Scene-stealer: Craft a holiday story diorama
Fourth- and fifth-graders bring favorite seasonal stories to life with a miniature set.

Media Matters

iPhone apps for your rug rats
Every day another gazillion iPhone applications are released into the wild, and the vast majority are designed for grownups. But more and more developers, realizing how many young hands are reaching for their parents' phones, are creating apps for kids. The list below highlights some of the more promising entries in the exploding field.

Top-10 educational toys
Over 3 billion toys are sold in the United States annually. We'll refrain from guessing how many end up in the back of the closet for years on end and instead recommend a few we think stand a decent chance of grabbing your child's attention. Needless to say, this list isn't the be-all, end-all. Instead, think of these picks as representative of the kind of toy we're especially fond of: educational, fun, and inventive. When new toys make a beeline for the back for the closet, we believe it's because they lack that trio of qualities. So here's to 10 that strive for, and deliver, something more.

Guilt-free video games
Sure, you could keep your kid from experiencing the ever meaner, ruder, and bloodier world of video games, but it's so expensive to raise a child on a desert island these days. (A recent report says that 57% of 2- to 12-year-olds play video games.) So a growing number of parents are taking a different approach: seeking out games that don't just eschew gore and antisocial mindlessness, but move toward the creative and civilized. A few years ago, this was a relatively new field. Today a variety of inspired choices exists.

Can MySpace Be Good for Teens?
As teens continue to flock to sites like MySpace, and the backlash from parents and the media fades, it's time to take a fresh look at social networking.


Travel Light: Tips on Packing and Gear
From toiletries to tennis shoes, a packing list for the prepared camper.

Taking the Kids on a Volunteer Vacation
Volunteer vacations take you and your family out of your comfort zone.

Flying With Kids
Flying is never boring with kids.

Be a Travel Agent
How you can help at home: Have your child plan a real or virtual trip.

Extracurricular Activities

Highly enriched preschoolers: Should tykes take classes?
From singing to soccer, how to incorporate extracurricular activities into a preschool education.

Summer activities for kids with LD: Making wise choices
Figuring out the right balance of activities for your child is the key to a successful summer.

Henry Winkler's Dyslexic Hero Gives Kids With Learning Difficulties the Last Laugh
Learn how actor Henry Winkler transformed his own unhappy experiences with dyslexia into stories of resilience and hope.

Bright ideas: Evaluating after-school programs
Our readers share their experiences with after-school programs.

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