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Homework Help

The homework survival guide
Help your kids stay on top of their homework assignments with these expert tips.

The case against homework
The founder of Stop Homework argues the unfathomable: that common educational practices are cheating our kids out of a real education.

10 Ways to Build Math Skills This Summer
Check out these 10 quick and easy ways to work math into your summer routine and help your child develop numbers sense.

Do our kids have too much homework?
Has your child shed tears over the amount of homework he has? Has he stayed up until 10 p.m. working on assignments? Have you sacrificed your weekends for homework?

Summer Activities

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Summer Camp
Help your child have a healthy, happy experience at summer camp by asking some questions before you sign up.

Stop summer brain drain
Instead of letting your kids zone out to reruns, help them discover that learning can be fun beyond the classroom.

Five Fun Ways to Keep Your Child Learning This Summer
Backyard gardens, puppet theaters, scrapbooks and crafts are some of the ways to keep your children active and their minds working all summer long.

Camp and youth development outcomes
The camp experience offers children a chance to belong, learn, and contribute.

Academic Skills

Your Kindergartner and Technology
Kindergartners use technology in the classroom in a range of subject areas.

Surprising secrets to school success
Eight ideas about academic learning you may not know.

Help! My Child Got 4 Fs
Your child may qualify for free tutoring, but you need to know your rights and ask questions to get the full benefit of the services the law requires.

Will My Third-Grader Advance to Fourth Grade?
Security and cost are two issues to consider when making the decision.

Book Reviews

Best audiobooks for kids
If you're going over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house, audiobooks are a great way to keep the kids from whining, "Are we there yet?" But today's audiobooks do a lot more than foster family harmony in the form of group diversion when you're stuck in holiday traffic. Here are 11 picks for youngsters through young adults.

You got to move it, move it
If your family is pulling up stakes, check out these books to help kids with the move.

Parent picks: What preschoolers are reading this summer
GreatSchools members share their favorite children's books, from classics to trendy tales.

Science and nature books for first-graders
Help first-graders learn about the natural world around them. This book list will not only spark their curiosity about creatures as varied as beetles, sea turtles, and polar bears, but also offer important lessons about becoming an involved citizen.

Local Facts & Resources

Testing in Maine: An Overview
A GreatSchools guide to standardized tests

Testing in Colorado: An Overview
A GreatSchools guide to standardized tests

Testing in Nebraska: An Overview
A GreatSchools guide to standardized tests

Testing in Massachusetts: An Overview
A GreatSchools guide to standardized tests

Learning Activities

Globetrotting gourmets
Give middle-schoolers a geography lesson by mapping the spices in their favorite recipes.

First-Grade Learning Games and Activities
How you can help at home: These games and activities will help your first-grader master important academic skills while having fun.

Create a Scroll
How you can help at home: Learn about an important aspect of Egyptian culture and art by creating your own scroll.

Starry, starry night
The night sky offers hours of entertainment for aspiring astronomers.

Media Matters

Talking About Media and Taking Action
Talk to your child about media consumption to make viewing a conscious choice.

Internet survival tips for parents and teachers
Here's how to make sure your child is Internet smart and Internet safe.

Stay Connected! Family Web Sites to the Rescue
Social networking on the Web enables families near and far to keep in touch.

Eight tips for raising tech-savvy kids
Help your child learn to use technology by integrating it into your home.


Travel Light: Tips on Packing and Gear
From toiletries to tennis shoes, a packing list for the prepared camper.

What to Pack for Family Travel
Planning a family trip? Check out these helpful packing tips.

Flying With Kids
Flying is never boring with kids.

Surviving Long Car Trips With Kids
Being prepared can help reduce back-seat whining and fighting on long family car trips.

Extracurricular Activities

Summer activities for kids with LD: Making wise choices
Figuring out the right balance of activities for your child is the key to a successful summer.

Successful Artist With LD and AD/HD Seeks to Inspire Others
Working with paint and clay kept Robert Toth going when repeated school failure threatened his self-esteem. Now a world-class artist, he shares his story in hopes of inspiring others with learning disabilities.

Teens with LD: Finding a summer job
Having a summer job can help a teenager who struggles in school experience new success. One mother shares strategies that worked for her son.

What Do I Do If My Son Can't Get Into Special Ed?
How you can help at home: Make placemats to help your child build reading and writing skills.

Why use my school vision?

  • Attendance

    View a child's attendance by various views from weekly, monthly through a summary feature of view detailed information on specific events.

  • Homework tracker

    Allow parents to keep up-to-date with the current and past homework assigned to their child along with past marks and class averages.

  • Progress reports

    Customise the extent to which you wish to keep parents updated with the amount of detail shown in the real-time reports.

  • Projects and
    lessons plans

    Set, receive and mark projects, courses, cover and lessons. Create multipart lessons that can be used for a single lessons or modular courses.

  • News stories

    Allow members of staff to update the school news to help keep parents and visitors of your website up-to-date on the latest goings on.

  • Events

    Display the up and coming events for your school, take bookings, payments and manage attendees.

  • Learning zone

    Introduce pupils of all ages to online learning with regular additions to learning games covering subjects from numeracy, literacy and further afield.

  • About your school

    Manage public details about your school through pre-defined templates such as year groups, classes and members of staff.

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  • Joy of reading maths
  • Joy of reading physics
  • Joy of reading chemistry
  • Joy of reading biology
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