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Homework Help

My Kindergartner Hates Doing Homework
Help your kindergartner build math skills with this bean-counting activity.

All homeworked out?
Parents sound off on finding the right balance between hitting the books and breaking out the board games in households increasingly pressed for time.

Homework confidential: What kids really think
Parents, teachers, and experts have plenty to say on the subject of homework, but what about the recipients of all those worksheets? GreatSchools went straight to the source and asked a handful of kids what they love, hate, and would change about their assignments. Surprisingly, more than one told us they don't mind homework -- as long as they're actually learning something and not deluged with hours of busywork. Read on to find out what separates the awesome from the awful.

Do our kids have too much homework?
Has your child shed tears over the amount of homework he has? Has he stayed up until 10 p.m. working on assignments? Have you sacrificed your weekends for homework?

Summer Activities

Kid-Friendly Adventure Vacations
On these educational and fun immersion vacations throughout the U.S., kids can have adventures and build skills they can use for a lifetime.

Six Ways to Make Summer Camp Affordable
Sending your child to camp need not bust your budget! As this article explains, there is a camp program to fit nearly every budget.

Bright Ideas from our Readers: Keeping Kids Busy During the Summer
Thanks to our readers who shared their thoughts on whether it's a parent's job to keep kids occupied during the summer. Here are a few of their comments and suggestions:

Choosing a Teen Travel Program
Looking for a summer travel program for your teenager? Asking the right questions will help your teen learn and grow - and you'll sleep soundly at night.

Academic Skills

My Freshman Daughter's Grades Dropped
Second-graders learn strategies to decode unfamiliar words and figure out their meanings.

Why Learn a Second Language?
In a world in which the benefits of learning a second language have never been greater, the way languages are taught is changing to meet the growing need.

Say wha-? Twenty-five bits of edubabble you need to know
Learn these 25 educational terms and you're on the road to eduspeak proficiency.

Your Fourth-Grader: Physical Education and Health
In P.E. class, your child learns how good nutrition, sleep, stress management and physical activity contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Book Reviews

Is There a Science to Finding the Right Book?
A tennis racquet has one. So does a baseball bat. Could it be that a beginning reader has a sweet spot, too?

Science and nature books for fifth-graders
Scientists and inventors have a unique ability to captivate kids with their creations and, more often than not, eccentricities. These books let kids recreate Leonardo da Vinci's inventions, for example, and study the strange lives of scientists who experimented on themselves. Your fifth-grader may be inspired to take a closer look at what's happening to the earth and how science can provide solutions.

Our book lists for kids, grades K-5
Browse by grade level to find great books for your child recommended by our panel of children's book experts.

Science and nature books for second-graders
From playful penguins to mighty dinosaurs, there's something to fascinate everyone on this book list. Beyond our recommended critter curriculum, titles on the benefits of recycling and vermicomposting (in which worms do all the good work) will introduce children to the ABCs of environmentalism.

Local Facts & Resources

Testing in Colorado: An Overview
A GreatSchools guide to standardized tests

Alabama Schools: Key Facts and Resources
Learning key facts and knowing who's who will help you get savvy about education in your state.

Colorado Schools: Key Facts and Resources
Learning key facts and knowing who's who will help you get savvy about education in your state.

Testing in Mississippi: An Overview
A GreatSchools guide to standardized tests

Learning Activities

Tips to Develop Your Child's Art Savvy
How you can help at home: Try these strategies to develop your child's art skills.

Amazing Bubbles
How you can help at home: Here's an activity that will get your child ready to learn science by engaging her curiosity and building her observation skills.

Writing Letters
How you can help at home: Writing a letter using a word-processing program helps your child build writing skills.

Think 3-D: Make a Pop-Up Book
How you can help at home: In this activity your child makes a creative book to write a story in.

Media Matters

DVDs that entertain and teach
Once upon a time, parents had to pour over the TV listings for something vaguely educational their kids could watch. Now the only problem is choosing from the dizzying array of shows available on DVD. We scoured a wide selection of programs that are both fun and edifying and found that some of the best offerings are still the classics.

Should your kids learn online?
Weigh the pros and cons of leaving the analog classroom behind with these seven steps.

Managing your child's screen time
When you limit screen time, you give your child the gift of more time to read and engage in active play.

Social and Emotional Health: Media Role Models
Your child is bombarded with media messages about ethics and values that often run counter to yours. Here is what you can do to counter them.


Surviving Long Car Trips With Kids
Being prepared can help reduce back-seat whining and fighting on long family car trips.

Travel Light: Tips on Packing and Gear
From toiletries to tennis shoes, a packing list for the prepared camper.

Bargain Travel for Families
Looking for ways to go on a family vacation that won't break the bank? We've gathered tips to help you get more for your vacation buck.

Travel Health and Safety Tips
Follow these tips to keep your family prepared and healthy on your next trip.

Extracurricular Activities

Volunteering 101: How helping others helps your child
Volunteering can help your child prepare for college and a career, as well as build a commitment to helping others.

Summer activities for kids with LD: Making wise choices
Figuring out the right balance of activities for your child is the key to a successful summer.

How My AD/HD Son Became a Splashing Success
Different strokes for different folks is the motto one mom adopted while helping her young son with AD/HD find his sport.

Bright ideas: Evaluating after-school programs
Our readers share their experiences with after-school programs.

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