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Homework Help

The homework survival guide
Help your kids stay on top of their homework assignments with these expert tips.

How Do I Manage My Child's Homework?
Su hijo podra recibir tutora gratuita, por lo que usted debera conocer sus derechos y hacer preguntas para recibir todos los beneficios que la ley le otorga.

Help Your Child Manage Procrastination
Does your child start school assignments too late and struggle to finish on time? Here's how you can help your student with time management.

Bright Ideas From Our Readers: Spelling Struggles
Thanks to the readers who shared games and strategies to help kids with spelling. Their ideas may help your child.

Summer Activities

From Our Readers: Fun, Low-Cost Summer Activities
Our readers come up with creative ideas for fun, low-cost summer activities.

Stop summer brain drain
Instead of letting your kids zone out to reruns, help them discover that learning can be fun beyond the classroom.

Camp and youth development outcomes
The camp experience offers children a chance to belong, learn, and contribute.

Kid-Friendly Adventure Vacations
On these educational and fun immersion vacations throughout the U.S., kids can have adventures and build skills they can use for a lifetime.

Academic Skills

Will My Third-Grader Advance to Fourth Grade?
Security and cost are two issues to consider when making the decision.

Your fourth-grader and math
Real numbers in the real world: Fourth-grade math emphasizes applying what kids know and knowing what they apply.

My kindergartner already reads. Will she be bored?
Second-graders learn strategies to decode unfamiliar words and figure out their meanings.

Help! My Child Got 4 Fs
Your child may qualify for free tutoring, but you need to know your rights and ask questions to get the full benefit of the services the law requires.

Book Reviews

Science and nature books for kindergartners
Discover the many facets of life on earth with an award-winning photographer's take on dirt, an exploration of corn's cultural history, and a stunning photo-essay of one colorful chameleon. This book list will encourage kindergartners to ask questions about the science behind the everyday and the exotic.

You got to move it, move it
If your family is pulling up stakes, check out these books to help kids with the move.

Parent picks: What middle-schoolers are reading this summer
GreatSchools members share their favorite children's books, from classics to trendy tales.

Parent picks: What first-graders are reading for the holidays
Books that play off real-life experiences are especially popular with this age group. Now is a great time to dive into early-reader chapter books.

Local Facts & Resources

Testing in Iowa: An Overview
A GreatSchools guide to standardized tests

Testing in Georgia: An Overview
A GreatSchools guide to standardized tests

Testing in Virginia: An Overview
A GreatSchools guide to standardized tests

The Washington Assessment of Student Learning and State Standards
Washington has methodically built its system of standards and statewide tests. Find out how the state's testing program works and how it affects your child.

Learning Activities

Fruit Fractions
Here's a clever and tasty way to review fractions with your child.

Create a Family Memory Book
With the help of a computer, your child can practice language arts skills as she preserves family memories.

Create a Mummy
How you can help at home: Make shawabtis, small mummy-like statues, to introduce your child to the art of ancient Egypt.

Laundry Sort
How you can help at home: Make doing laundry with your child fun and educational!

Media Matters

Guilt-free video games
Sure, you could keep your kid from experiencing the ever meaner, ruder, and bloodier world of video games, but it's so expensive to raise a child on a desert island these days. (A recent report says that 57% of 2- to 12-year-olds play video games.) So a growing number of parents are taking a different approach: seeking out games that don't just eschew gore and antisocial mindlessness, but move toward the creative and civilized. A few years ago, this was a relatively new field. Today a variety of inspired choices exists.

Technology in the classroom: Fad or foundation for learning?
From cell phones to laptops, technology tools are becoming standard equipment for many students, raising questions about how they're being used.

Violence and Aggression: Media Mayhem Affects Kids
By the time kids enter middle school, they will have seen 8,000 murders and 100,000 more acts of violence on broadcast TV alone. And studies show it affects their behavior.

Get Computer Training in Dayton, Ohio
This is a list of computer training sites with information provided by the United Way's HelpLink.


Surviving Long Car Trips With Kids
Being prepared can help reduce back-seat whining and fighting on long family car trips.

Bus and Train Travel With Kids
Following these tips can make a long bus or train ride a fun experience with kids.

Travel Health and Safety Tips
Follow these tips to keep your family prepared and healthy on your next trip.

Top 5 Family Travel Tips
Use these tips on your next family vacation.

Extracurricular Activities

Seven questions to ask a summer camp
Mataucha, Chinqueka, Cedar, Caribou: Despite their kitschy names, or perhaps because of them, summer camps are a venerable tradition. They offer a taste of independence and plenty of opportunities to dive into experiences that help kids build social skills and self-esteem. But not all summer camps are created equal. Avoid a summer horror story with these questions for screening prospective camps.

What Do I Do If My Son Can't Get Into Special Ed?
How you can help at home: Make placemats to help your child build reading and writing skills.

Volunteering 101: How helping others helps your child
Volunteering can help your child prepare for college and a career, as well as build a commitment to helping others.

Summer activities for kids with LD: Making wise choices
Figuring out the right balance of activities for your child is the key to a successful summer.

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  • Joy of reading maths
  • Joy of reading physics
  • Joy of reading chemistry
  • Joy of reading biology
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